Asobi ja Nai no Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 遊びじゃないの
  • Asobi ja Naino
  • Asobi jya Naino
  • This was supposed to be fun !
Sakuraga mei
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(1-2) Kagami and Fukamachi are two friends who both secretly love each other, but the other doesn't know it. Then one day, Kagami tells Fukamachi that he's in love with his sister- in which Fukamachi then reluctantly decides to introduce his sister to Kagami. Now Kagami is faced with showing Fukamachi how he feels before he's forced to go out with a girl he doesn't love... (3) Kyouya, a socially awkward college student has trouble smiling and gets bullied at school. What happens when he stumbles into Akira (a high school student) when he's out drinking? (4) Kyouya (not from chapter 3) is in love with Shirou, his business partner, but Shirou already has a lover?!
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Nov 03, 2018 09:20:33
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