Codename: Sailor V Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • コードネームはセーラーV
  • Code Name wa SailorV
  • Code Name: Sailor V
  • Codename Wa Sailor V
  • Sailor V
Takeuchi naoko
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**This is a prequel to the manga 'Sailor Moon' You can even find Usagi (Serena), her friends the Sailor Scouts and even Luna? in this manga.** Codename Sailor V tells the story of Minako Aino, a 13 year old middle school student, who is slightly distracted, out-spoken and dreams about some day finding true love. But soon, her calm and normal life changes when she encounters a talking white cat with a crescent moon on its forehead. This cat introduces himself as Artemis and claims that Minako is a girl with the power to transform into a Sailor Scout. He calls her "Venus" and tells her she has a mission to protect the Earth. To help her with her new mission, Artemis gives her magical items. Sailor V begins fighting the evil known as the Dark Agency, who fight under Danburite's command. He's in charge of sending his many talented idols to enslave the public. She also later gained the aid of Kaitou Ace, who has his own TV show. Will she provail against evil and find her true love?
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Nov 02, 2018 19:54:08
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