Henai Japanese Manga

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  • 変愛 ; Hen-ai
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Henai summary: A collection of oneshots. -Hen Ai: A oneshot that describes the "strange love" the two main characters share. Rather humorous, as it often brings up that one is rather adamant about wanting to roleplay and the other "grudgingly" goes along with it. -Tomari Ki: A man is stabbed and left for dead in an alley, but he is saved by a young man who has a halo and wings who calls for an ambulance. Later, the boy appears at the man's front door and claims to be an angel with broken wings, and states that the only way for them to heal is to make people happy. -Messiah no Yakubi: A man known as the Messiah whose tongue technique is said to heal impotence takes up a job to heal a nervous-looking man, but is quite surprised by the turnout. -Ore no Doukyuusei ga Binkan Sugite Yabai!: A pair of high schoolers decide to experiment by giving each other blowjobs. One wants to escalate to something more, but the other isn't sure... -Ore no Doukyuusei ga Kagen wo Shiranakute Tsurai: Continuation of the previous story. It escalates. -Kyoushitsu no Yugami: A oneshot regarding the "relationship" between a teacher and his lonely, introverted student.
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