Hizamazu Ai ni Kogareru Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • ひざまず愛にこがれろ
  • 跪いて愛に焦がれろ
  • Hizamazuite Ai ni Kogareru
  • On Bended Knee
Fujikawa Ruri
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1-3) On My Knees, Yearning for Your Love Hibiki is the bodyguard hired to protect Buyu, the heir of a Hong Kong financial empire. Although Buyu is responsible for overseeing the family fortune, he still often finds the time to enjoy the nightlife with the ladies. Despite Hibiki’s warnings to Buyu about his uncle’s plot to have him killed so he can take over the empire, Buyu continuously ignores Hibiki’s urgent pleas to cooperate with him. What would it take for Buyu to take Hibiki seriously!? 4) Feverish Kimura and his lover Yuichi are both doctors in the same hospital, and Yuichi uses it as an excuse to have sex at work, despite Kimura's protests. Will Yuichi demands push Kimura too far? 5) Can’t Win Against the Sun! College student Himawari has been freeloading off Takabayashi sensei for a long time. Because, despite sensei hostile attitude and filthy mouth, he's really very kind. But Himawari, who has fallen in love with him, may finally be asking for too much... 6) Seduction of Cinderella Aki is a model scout who has to babysit his top model, the childish but loving Haru, even to the point of having a sexual relationship with him! But this is all just for Haru's own good, right? 7) Anata no Chef Young chef is in love with the strict maître d'hôtel.
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