Jouou Japanese Manga

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  • Ace Queen ; 嬢王 ; 嬢王-じょうおう- ; Club Pianissimo ; 에이스퀸 ; Jōō ; Joou ; Jyouoo ; Jyouou ; Queen
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Jouou summary: Manager Nashizaki Tatsuya of the Pianissimo Club, wants to build the biggest hostess club in all of Japan; a club where men of all ages and nationalities would want to go. And, along with his big club, a huge event will take place, a contest for the number one hostess, with a prize of 100 million yen. Aya, a freshman, doesn't like the idea of being a hostess, but she has to become one, due to a big debt her parents owe. Encouraged by a friend, she reluctantly joins Pianissimo and, so, her life as a hostess begins.Also seems to be a television show based on it called Jouou (2005) and the second season Jouou Virgin (2009).
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Nov 16, 2018 00:16:39
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