Kagerou Daze Official Anthology Comic -SUMMER- Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • カゲロウデイズ公式アンソロジーコミック-SUMMER-
  • Kagerou Days Official Anthology Comic -SUMMER-
  • Kagerou Days SUMMER Anthology
  • Kagerou Daze - Summer Anthology
Aki arata, Ayane shikihito, Itokichi, Komesuke, Ooshima renmei, Osora, Peco, Ryuuseee, Sada uoji, Satou toshio, Tanaka strike, Toudzuki youko, Wannyanpuu
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An anthology of comedic Kagerou Daze stories set in the summer by various authors: 1) Illusion Summers by Aki Arata 2) Summer Festival by Osora 3) Black Horror Memory by Satou Toshio 4) Stranded Days. by Ayane Shikihito 5) Kisaragi ☆ Summer Project by Komesuke 6) Start the Festival! by Ooshima Renmei 7) With a Clear Mind, Even Fires Will Cool by Sada Uoji 8) Your Voice and Soda Ice Cream by Itokichi 9) Flowing Noodles Warning by Toudzuki Youko 10) A Common Summer Story at the Beach by Tanaka Strike 11) Perfect Weather for Laundry by Peco 12) Konoha, Summer, and I (Physics) by Ryuuseee 13) Mekakushi Summer Vacation! by Wannyanpuu Related: > Kagerou Daze ( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/kagerou-daze-r6498 )
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Nov 04, 2018 09:15:02
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