Kanojo ga Kare ni Ochiru Riyuu Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 她愛上他的理由
  • 彼女が彼に落ちる理由
  • ตกหลุมรักร้ายนายตัวแสบ (Thai)
  • Darum Liebe! (German)
  • Kanojo ga Kare ni Ochiru Wake
Nanao mio
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From Intercross: 1) Kare ga Kanojo ni Ochiru Riyuu After school, being hit upon by a younger, obnoxious man. ...But, somehow, when alone with him, I easily become nervous. What if, such a kouhai suddenly kisses--? "It's frustrating to find myself falling in love with you" "That's just useless struggling" 2) Amekakure no Kaerimichi 3) Satou to Bitter Chocolate 4) Seinaru Yoruni Oshiete Ageru
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Nov 03, 2018 13:05:59
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