Katakoi no Nikki Shoujo Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 单恋日记中的少女
  • 片恋の日記少女
  • Machiboto Kitari
  • Megane Danshi Tokushuu
  • The Girl in the Diary of Unrequited Love
Nakamura asumiko
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A collection of stories: 1. Musume no Toshigoro no Musume 2. Torikahebaya de Aimashou 3. Genshoku Megane Danshi Hyouhoni 4. Machibito Kitari 5. Chichi to Musuko to Buridaikon 6. Katakoi no Nikki Shoujo Takashi accidentally found his father's diary and in it, it tells a story of his father's love for a girl with green flower hair pin. So who is this girl? What's Takashi going to do about it? Read it to find out the bittersweet story of an unrequited love.
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Nov 03, 2018 15:12:16
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Think Yotsuba but with a Planarian*/Human Mutant 4 year old girl instead of one with green hair. (*a planarian is a kind of non-parasitic flatworm organism)