Kawaii Hito - Pure Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 可愛いひと。Cute
  • 可愛いひと。Pure
  • Cute
  • Kawai Hito Cute
  • Kawaii Hito (MISONO Erii)
  • Kawaii Hito - Cute
  • Kawaii Hito.
  • Kawaii Hito Cute
  • Pure - My Honey
Misono erii
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Takane Chihiro, a man with style and looks that could kill, again meets Kenichi, his ex-wife's younger brother. Kenichi is a boy who is shy, reclusive and easily frightened. Normally, Chihiro would refuse an offer to 'babysit', but this time, he can't pull away. It will be the first time he will have experience in handling such a fragile fledgling as Kenichi. Follow their relationship ups and downs in this highly anticipated manga version of the incredibly popular novel, "My Honey" (from the cover) Prequel to: Kawai Hito - Cute
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Nov 04, 2018 09:16:33
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