Kimi to Iru Asu Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • キミといる明日
  • 和你在一起的明天
  • Hensachi Suuiito
  • I'll Be With You Tomorrow
  • Kimi no Kanshou
  • Kimi to Iru Ashita
  • Kimi To Iru Asita
  • Tomorrow
  • That Is With You
Honjou Rie
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1) Your Feelings Takamichi and Atsuki have always been together since childhood. Everything feels like it will never change, including their relationship, but is that really true? With Takamichi going away for his archery training, this will be the first separation of theirs. Even thinking about it is making Atsuki uneasy... 2) Deviation Value Sweet Haruto is always coming in second to Itou. His father's disappointed in him and he just can't seem to do anything about it. Until one day he walks in on Itou masturbating in an empty classroom. What happens now? 3) Tomorrow, That is With You Story of Inori and Senou's relationship, which begins in Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui. Inori takes a trip with Senou to his birthplace in Kyoto. 4) The Wolf's Bed Serihashi joined the arts club to be able to sleep. Mahiro joined the club and found himself to be a constant victim of Serihashi's teasing. Mahiro walks in to the club to see things he wasn't ready to see. Will he stay in the club? Does Serihashi really only want to sleep? 5) We'll Always Be Together Yuuto and Keisuke have been friends since childhood. Wherever they go, they always hold hands. Keisuke starts to question their relationship and relinquishes Yuuto's hand. Will the quiet Yuuto be able to finally express his feelings. 6) Omake Time It's been a year since Senou proposed to Inori, and Inori just found out that drinking turns Senou into another man. Will they still get married? 7) Omake of Omake More short stories on Inori and Senou!
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