Kiraboshi Dial Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • きら星ダイヤル
  • 闪亮星转盘
  • Kira Hoshi Dial
  • Kirahoshi Dial
  • Twinkling Stars Dial
Natsume isaku
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From Attractive Fascinante: Toba Yousuke sensei went to Town Alp to start afresh. He got lost and met a queer guy, Suga Kazuhiro, who went to pick him up. The folks in the town were extremely friendly, except for Kazuhiro. Because his room in the clinic collasped, Toba had to stay in Kazuhiro’s huge house for a while. What were the reasons behind Kazuhiro’s personality? What happened to Toba that made him to come to this town? With hidden pasts, both of them slowly found their ways into each other’s heart.
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Nov 03, 2018 15:11:45
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