Knite Japanese Manga

Yan wenqing
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The night sky is black, shrouded with a fog of soot and toxins. The gears of China's industrial revolution turn, unceasing, manufacturing the wants of the world, forcing the consequences upward, until the lights of the heavens have dimmed, and vanished... But there will be stars this night. The Knites have made it their mission to bring the stars back to the night in China, hanging from the tails of kites. Some call it foolishness--the personified ideals of a naive young dreamer. Others will find hope in the Knites' work, beyond dreams, that someday the shroud will lift, and people will see beyond the towering factories and monoliths of industry and gaze upon the true stars once more. Until that day arrives though, the hopes and dreams of those who dare will be carried upward to the sky, set aloft by the wards of hope--The Knites.
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