Kuroneko Renai Kumikyoku Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 黑貓戀愛組曲
  • 黒猫恋愛組曲
  • A Black Cat's Suite of Love
  • Kuroneko (TAKAMIYA Satoru)
  • La Suite d'amour du chat noir
  • The Black Cat's Love Suite
Takamiya Satoru
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There's a witch that makes your wildest dreams come true. She can make any wish of yours come true, in exchange for something precious. These are the stories about five different wishes. Includes the stories: • Kuroneko Renai Kumikyoku Have you heard of the world where a witch and her black cat live happily together? It's a paradise where nothing bad happens and no one gets sad. But then, the witch dies and the cat is left alone. Somehow, she [the cat] appears to become human. What is the fate of the black cat who searches for her witch in the human world? • Kioku no Mori (Forest of Memories) • Manatsu no Gin no Yume (Misdummer's Silver Dream) • Koori no Netsudo (The Ice's Temperature) • Tokiiro Meikyuu (Labyrinth of Time and Color)
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Nov 04, 2018 10:24:50
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