Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • ライカ、パブロフ、ポチハチ公
  • A Crow with a Glistening Trinket in Her Jet-Black Feathers
Yotsuhara furiko
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A collection of six of Yotsuhara Furiko's short stories depicting the love between various girls. The title story is set in a university, with Yuriko, a girl of the jou-sama type, being followed around by her puppy-like female friend Koroku. While eating lunch one day, Yuriko overhears some malicious gossip and her ensuing bad temper leads her to take Koroku to a hotel, where she tells her to do whatever she likes... 1. Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou 2. Koi o Egaku Hito (A Person Who Draws Love 3. Kuchisaku Onna to Teppeki no Shojo (Lip-service Girl and Iron-Walled Maiden) 4. Crow Nureba ni Hikarimono (That Which Shines on the Soaked Crow Feathers) 5. Koibumi Miman (Insufficient Love-letter) 6. Chopsticks
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Nov 03, 2018 11:51:49
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Mia was just an average girl.. thinking that she has lived a normal life. That all changes one day when she meets a strange child with yellow hair, yellow eyes, and cat ears. Hearing the name "Laika," she wonders at the strange name and brings the child home. Will she ever regain the dark memories that she had lost?