Love in the Afternoon Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • Yarashii Hirusagari
  • Love Affair in the Afternoon
  • I don't mind it if You are a Man
  • Love's Worries
  • Kana and Patience
  • Why there is no Ice Beer
  • Bring Me to the Edge of the World
  • Spinning World
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Love in the Afternoon summary: Compilation of 7 short stories: 1) Love Affair in the Afternoon College student takes over a tutoring job for the friend he has a crush on. 2) I don't mind it if You are a Man College students/neighbors are (only?) sex friends. 3) Love's Worries Ex-lovers from their student days are reunited. 4) Kana and Patience Divorced man cheats on his new lover. 5) Why is there no Ice Beer Younger co-worker always hangs out at his sempai's house. 6) Bring Me to the Edge of the World An odd 17-year-old electrician puts in an air conditioner for sexy businessman. 7) Spinning World Sequel to Bring Me to the Edge of the World.

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Apr 20, 2019 15:21:37
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