Mamotte Agemasu Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • سأحميكِ
  • 守ってあげます
  • 我来守护你
  • 最强男朋友
  • นักเลงรัก พิทักษ์เธอ
  • I'll Give You My Protection
  • I'll Leave It To You
  • President
  • I'll Protect You
  • Kai Chiyou Omakase
  • Mamotte Agemasu (SAIJOU Ayano)
  • Naishiyono Xmas
  • Secret Xmas
Saijou ayano
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From Manga Abyss: 1-3) Mamotte Agemasu Onizuka Takashi, leader of the strongest delinquent group in the Kantou region, is willing to become a monster for Hiragi Kotome, whom he fell in love with at first sight. 4) Kai Chiyou Omakase (I'll Leave It To You, President) 5) Naishiyono Xmas (Secret Xmas)
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