Minimum Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • ミニマム
  • 微小女友
Miyazaki maya
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  • 41
Itou is just your average high school boy with a love for photographing. Or so it seems. Having low self-esteem he doesn't dare to approach any girls. He instead seeks love in his pictures. One day when he was tempted by his classmate's porn video, Itou takes it upon him to google the Internet for some porn. But unexpectedly, he arrives on a homepage he can't read. When he hits the keyboard in his desperation, the dvd drive explodes and something that looks like a miniature girl crawls out of it. Who is she? And how will Itou face this situation?
Last updated:
Nov 03, 2018 13:00:48
Chapters 41
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3 3
11 months ago
13 13
11 months ago
3 3
11 months ago
11 11
11 months ago
5 5
11 months ago
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11 months ago
6 6
11 months ago

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