Miserarete Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 炽热冰心贵公子
  • 魅せられて
Asagiri yu
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This manga is about Kaoru (from Nanbu familly) and Kuzumi (he became father of Kouhei when he was 17), that met in work after 6 years. Nanbu clan had ruined in the past large number of companies to cut down on costs. Because of that Akira (Kaoru's twin brother) at age 15 left his family and his brother, the same as Kaoru's best friend, Yuuma (his father became bankrupt). Since then Kaoru thought, that he couldn't love anybody but only till he was molested by Kuzumi. But what dark secrets hide Kuzumi? Can they overcome past and be happy together? There is also story about Akira and Daichi first meeting. Continuation of they story is in Hitomi No Honne in story: Epilogue to a Happy Ending.
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Nov 04, 2018 11:01:44
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