Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • もりぐちおりとのていおうがく
  • 森口織人の帝王学
  • 森口织人的帝王学
  • Moriguchi Oruto no Teiougaku
  • Orito Moriguchi's Kingcraft
Sanada rin
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Moriguchi Orito is transferring to a new school, but being lost in the fog he can't find his way to it and ends up bumping into a beautiful girl and got struck by a vision of her in a very sexy pose. Seeing him with his cellphone in his hand, she thinks he took a picture of her and runs away crying, "My life has ended!", dropping her own cellphone in the process. Finally finding his way to the school, he realizes that it's full of very weird people, and that his new seat is next to an empty desk where a bag is hanging with the same strap as the one on the cellphone the beautiful girl dropped... Tank has a different version of chapter 7 due to additional pages.
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Nov 03, 2018 15:34:04
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