Nekasenaide Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • ねかせないで
  • 暗寐情深不覺曉
  • Don't Lay Down
Machiya hatoko
Pub. Status:
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  • 10
1)An Orange Danish for You- High school student Mitani Kento goes to Watari's bakery every day for his delicious pastries. Kento is totally blind to his best friend Sakurai Hiro's feelings for him, though when Hiro gets a job at the bakery, suddenly Kento finds his loneliness unable to be appeased by sweets... 2) Hot Mustard Sandwich- Sasayama is in love with his sempai at work, Hanasaki. He comforts him with a hot mustard sandwich, courtesy of Watari's bakery. Can he, who has so much trouble dealing with people convey his feelings to his sempai? 3) Beloved Baked Rolls- It seems our little baker/cupid Watari has a love of his own. Walking the cold streets jobless and alone he comes to Watari's doorstep. What happened in his past and who is this mysterious lover who seems to hold Watari's heart even now?
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Nov 04, 2018 10:17:34
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