Nessa no Umi ni Manekarete Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 熱砂の海に抱かれて
  • Embraced by Sea of Desert
  • Netsusa no Umi
  • Netusa no Umi
Natsuo kou
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Suddenly being abducted by men who are after her father, the main character meets Faul, an heir to a kingdom. Without realizing, both began falling for each other. However, series of obstructions come between them. Can they go through them and find happiness....!?
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Nov 04, 2018 10:08:13
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Goto Nagi has travelled to the southern island of Okitsushima, and ventures out to see Umi no Misaki, a striking cape jutting out into the ocean. But when he arrives, he finds that there is much more to this cape than a wondrous view. There is something peculiar about the cape, and about the island's inhabitants.