Onani Master Kurosawa Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • オナニーマスター黒沢
  • 枪王黑泽
  • Masturbation Master Kurosawa
  • Onanie Master Kurosawa
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Onani Master Kurosawa is a story of mistakes, redemption, and the choices made in between. Onani Master Kurosawa contains the very worst and best of the human condition. Onani Master Kurosawa shows us a story of Onani Master called Kurosawa... yeah, "Onani" is what this guy is good at. Onani Master Kurosawa starts with an encounter between Kurosawa and a bullied girl with a hidden agenda when he was donging his everyday "Onani" work in the mostly unused girls bathroom on the 3rd floor... Helpful hints : Pay attention to your body, and do handjob moderately......
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Nov 04, 2018 09:49:57
Chapters 32
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