Ore no Suki na Ko ga Burakon Sugiru!! Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 俺のスキな子がブラコンすぎる!!
  • รักหมดใจ ยัยติดพี่ (Thai)
  • Ore no Suki na Ko ga Brother Complex Sugiru!!
Odagiri nagisa
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From Twisted Mist Scans: A total of 5 one shots: 1) Ore no Suki na Ko ga Burakon Sugiru!! Okano Shuu has a crush on Ogata Saeka for 10 years, who has a brother complex. She is always sticking closely with her brother, Ogata Eiji. And this trio are childhood friends. Shuu tries to make Saeka realize him. 2) Amakute Okashi na Sugar Love Yuko loves wagashi (some type of sweet), and a popular boy at her school, Tsugumi, which happens to be a wagashi maker! Ever since her discovery, she has been a regular at his shop to have her beloved wagashi and to see Tsugumi. However, it seems that his shop has suddenly gained popularity, making Yuko jealous... 3) Chouko to Ippon Shoubu na no da!
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Nov 03, 2018 11:46:02
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