Oretachi Magikou Destroy Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • Maji Desu: Oretachi Majikou Destroy
  • Majidesu: Oretachi Maji-ko Destroy
  • Oretachi Maji Kou Desutoroi
  • Oretachi maji-kō desutoroi
  • Oretachi Majikou Destroy
  • 俺たちマジ校デストロイ
Tanaka marumero
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Tomo, Niina and Megu are three high schoolers who're determined to become idols. Is it because they want to bring joy to young women all over the country? Because they dream of being top singers and actors one day? It's nothing so pure or so ambitious...These boys just want to get laid! But to that end, it's necessary to beat all the "real" idols out there and rise to the top in terms of popularity. So they enter "Maji Kou," short for Majima Kita All-Boys High School... And all hell breaks loose!
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Nov 04, 2018 10:29:11
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