Osewa Yakimasu Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • お世話やきます
  • The Perfect Wife
Sakura Haiji
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1,2) The Perfect Wife Teshima could never resist his adorable kouhai Yuuichi; he always ended up buying him things and lending him money. Yuuichi moved away a year ago, but now he's back and Teshima's just happy to spend time with him again. But are they picking up right where they left off? Can Yuuichi really be that dense? 3)Sweet Pain Islander Mihama spends most of his time alone, so when klutzy vacationer Kunitsu stumbles into his life, Mihama doesn't expect much from him. Kunitsu's kind nature draws him in, but vacation's always have to end... 4,5)Love and Smile Intense Kuramochi and push-over Kao are unlikely friends and roommates. When Kuramochi feels Kao drifting away, he pulls him tighter. Kao doesn't ever protest, but he's spending more and more time away from home... 6)Please Give Me Your Hand When Sonoda gets a girlfriend, lonely Mizuno still travels to the places they used to hang out at. Including the restaurant where he's noticed by waiter Nomiya.
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Nov 04, 2018 10:07:39
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