Otodokeshimasu Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • お届けします
  • Otodoke Shimasu
Katou setsuko
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From Attractive Fascinante: 1. I'll Deliver It Aogaki Kouhei, a famous designer, was kind to everyone else except to Hasegawa. The weird thing was, he always gave Hasegawa expensive desserts. Hasegawa felt puzzled, but gradually fell in love with the arrogant man. While making a delivery to Aogaki on a rainy day, Aogaki dragged him into his house to wash his feet for him. Did Hasegawa have a special place in Aogaki's heart too? 2. The Other Side of the Porch Ootomo has fallen for his neighbor, Ichikawa. The two university students attend different colleges and only meet each other once in a while outside the apartment, but will Ichikawa's little white cat help them become closer? 3. Satisfaction Tall, studly university student Takeuchi Tomoe notices a slim classmate peeking at him whenever they pass each other in the hall. A friend later tells him he saved the pretty classmate, Shibata Daiki, from falling a while back. Takeuchi realizes he is abnormally bothered by Shibata's presence when a part-time teddy bear mascot working at his parents pharmacy reminds him of Shibata... unless there's more to that suit than Takeuchi can see. 4. The Beginning After getting smashed at a business drinking session the night before, Atsuhiro wakes up in a foreign room to find his business client sitting on top of him. Matsukura (the client) tells Atsuhiro that he brought him home and was raped by him. Atsuhiro is horrified that he could do something like that to Matsukura... but then a second Matsukura walks in saying none of that really happened. Why are there two of them, and what really happened last night? 5. The Depth of Love The older-brother's-friend story. Harigaya Kenichi is the junior of Ryou's nii-san. Ever since Ryou was little, Kenichi has been harassing him. Even now, when Ryou's in high-school and Kenichi is a car dealer, the unpleasant teasing continues... but perhaps it is the old "tease the one you like" routine? 6. Turnaround Time Ookubou used to live near Shimotori... now Shimotori just transferred to work at the hospital Ookubou works at. A reunion after so many years should be joyous... but why did it end up like this? 7. 8 Mats of Suite Rintarou was kicked out of his house by his mother... now he's living in a tiny, dismal apartment. The only thing that makes it alright is the neighbor and his college classmate, Ono. 8. Do Me a Favor Follow up of story 1.
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