Otogimoyou Ayanishiki Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • お伽もよう綾にしき
  • 綾羅戀曲
  • 绫罗恋曲
  • Fairy Tale - Motif Brocade
  • Fairy-tale-like Noble
  • Otogi mo You Aya ni Shiki
  • Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki
  • Truyện cổ gấm hoa
Hikawa Kyouko
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From Wingtip Cafe: Suzu, an ordinary girl who possess extra-ordinary power to summon demons, was left with a flute, the only keepsake of her disappearing ‘Father’. In the flute, dwelt the guardian spirit who responds to her plea in danger.
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Nov 04, 2018 10:07:51
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The sequel takes place a few months after the end of the first series. Shinkurou and Suzu have gotten married and settled down as vassals in the employ of the governing family of Ima. Just when they've gotten used to the rhythm of their new, peaceful life, orders come from an influential government official that Shinkurou and Suzu must travel to the capital to meet with him. Along the way,…