Oujitachi wa Izonsuru Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 王子恋爱依存症
  • 王子達は依存する
  • Ouji-tachi wa Izon Suru
  • Oujitachi wa Izon Suru
Sakurada Hina
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From ice_blossom: 18 year-old Yoshino is in love with his sister, Himeko, who has brother complex towards him. Yoshino and Himeko's father remarriage introduced new members to the family. Tsubaki, who is of the same age as Himeko, is as beautiful as a bisque doll. This new step-brother plans to expose Yoshino's secret feelings for Himeko. Yoshino thought that the underlying reason of Tsubaki doing this is because he likes Himeko too. However, never did he expect that Tsubaki was doing this for. . . Special/Extra: Hana had always wanted to have a boyfriend and she finally had her first one. Rei was disturbed when he found out that his beloved sister accepted a guy. He was determined not to allow any guy to have Hana. Rei let his feelings show and confessed to Hana. Hana was disgusted by the twisted feelings Rei had for her. Rei decided to leave when rejected. Hana did not want Rei to leave her, what should she do? Tsubaki's story: An extra about Tsubaki.
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