Pierce Japanese Manga

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  • ピアス
Iizuka shuuko
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A new transfer student appears. Nanahara Ayabuki is Kusunori Kaori`s childhood friend that moved away after the two of them had a small argument. Now she has returned and ended up in the same class as Kaori. A story of a precious pair of earrings and maybe somethin`more than a friendship. Read and see! [Summary by NephThys]
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Nov 04, 2018 08:59:29
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Harada's collection of stories presenting "negative" perspective on life. Includes: - Koukai no umi (後悔の海) (Regret of The Sea) "The three of us were always together. On the graduation day I had to reject his feelings. But without my knowledge this two guys..." - Suimenka (Behind The Closed Doors) Sweet yet tragic love triangle between childhood friends. Complement to Koukai no umi. - Pierce Hole (Piercings) This is a story…