Rikara Japanese Manga

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  • 利火羅 りから
  • Lingering Attachment
Mizukami shin
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A collection of five short stories: 1) Rikara Seiten is the illegitimate son of the King. He's considered to be an insult to his kind and his brothers make fun of him by humiliating him and his position. It's thanks to Rikara, a prisoner (or as Seiten would say: a fallen angel) that he finds the strength to fight and win back his life. 2) Rougoku ni Saku Hana A stern magistrate, Hakuto, is habouring unrequitted love for a superior and seeks a quiet spot i which to shed his tears but finds more than he imagined in the form of forgotten prisoner Doukoku. 3) Lingering Attachment (Miren) After all else is destroyed a general and his lord come to know each other's feelings. 4) Bed de Kimi to After graduating high school two soccer team mates enjoy life as newly weds but have problems finding time to be alone. 5) Tag Out! When baseball captain Tamaki hit a stray ball into the principal's office he never expected it would lead to him becoming a servant for the young, handsome and rich school alumni Shinobu. NOTE: Chapters 1-3 are set in ancient China, whereas chapters 4-5 are set in the modern day Japan.
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