Sagatte Omachi Kudasai Japanese Manga

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  • 下がってお待ち下さい
  • 請後退等待
  • Please Wait
Moto Haruko
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From Bliss: Tanaka who works as a station attendant has an odd aversion to being touched. When a businessman, Doujima, find out about his affliction, he teases him about it. Though Tanaka hate the feeling of touching other, he can't help but feel strangely attracted to Doujima...
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Nov 03, 2018 12:55:26
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In the Yamete Kudasai, series: V.1 - Yamete Kudasai, Mabushii Desu. Sasano grew up in an all female household and loves pretty things, including Koga, a schoolmate in another class. What happens when Sasano no longer has to stare at Koga from windows but can be beside him? V.2 - Yamete Kudasai, Koishii Desu.
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This is a story about a girl who wants nothing more but to sleep in on her holidays, Kusakabe-san, and her boyfriend who wants nothing more but to get her outside, Saneomi-san. His attempts to use everything at his disposal to coerce her out of bed are met with her attempts to stop him at all costs. A love comedy about the weekends that these two spend together.