Sakuhin Number 20 Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 作品ナンバー20
  • 作品N°20
  • Painting n°20
  • Painting Number 20
  • Tableau Numéro 20
  • Tableau Numero 20
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A collection of short, slightly bittersweet stories: 1&2 ) Tableau Numero 20 Ever since he discovered the rough sketch for a lost painting by the 19th century French artist Maurice Olivier in a library book, a modern-day art expert, also named Maurice, has yearned to see the actual painting. Is it the work of art he's in love with or its mysterious subject? - The Moon in a Box 3) Just Not Like a Merry-Go-Round Minoru has been in love with Kei-chan forever. "One hundred times. One thousand times. One hundred years go right by." Starting with a merry-go-round, and ending with a horse race... Minoru bets on a horse who keeps running but never catches up. If that horse wins.... maybe Minoru can too. 4) Rasgueado Working in a no-name bar for petty cash frustrates Jesus, a beautiful professional dancer. Jesus prostitutes himself to tourists for extra money - but Aldero, an older man who plays guitar for the bar is sick of Jesus wasting his youth. Jesus loves Aldero and the sound of his music, but as life goes, he is forced to part with them. 5) en el parquet A story about an old couple. One who has lost his memories, forever waiting for the man he loves; and one who must watch the man he loves wait for his past self. 5) le visiteur Continuation of the Tableau Numero 20 story. Yves is still searching for Maurice Oliver - his love from the past - and one day he sees Maurice Oliver in the museum... 6) Extra - Sunday in Paris Yves causes Maurice more trouble in the museum. 7) Extra - Monday in Paris Al and Leon from Ultras are visiting France. Al met Maurice when he brought a group of children for a tour to the Louvre. The two bump in to Maurice at a cafe... with Yves trailing behind. Where did Al see that man before?
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