Seikon no Qwaser Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • Адепт Святого Знака
  • Стигматы Квайзеров
  • 圣痕炼金士
  • 聖痕のクェイサー
  • 聖痕鍊金士
  • 성흔의 퀘이서
  • Seikon no Kueisa
  • The Qwaser of Stigmata
Satou kenetsu
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The St. Mikhailov Academy student Oribe Mafuyu comes across a mysterious silver haired boy named Sasha. He is a Qwaser, a being that draws power from Soma and is able to manipulate a specific element. And now, in the 21st century, the mystery revolving around an Icon turns the academy into the battlegrounds for the fight between the Qwaser!
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Nov 04, 2018 09:25:49
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