Soramiyo Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • そら☆みよ
  • Sora Miyo
  • Sora-miyo
Umekawa kazumi
Pub. Status:
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  • 8
Mizutani Minato, a high school girl, has not fit in at her new school ever since she started attending a different school from her middle school friends. Her shy personality has kept her from making friends and engaging with her classmates. Through an unexpected turn of events, she joins the astronomy club in school, consisting of three students considered to be the weirdest and seen as outcasts in the entire campus. The club consists of Aida Souji, the smartest student in the entire freshman class, Kousaka Ranko, the second most brilliant and ridiculously strong, and Yakigawa Yoichi. They all have dreams of becoming members of NASA and studying the fascinating universe. The four kids of the astronomy club rename themselves “Soramiyo” a name made by taking the first letter from each of the members' name. Minato slowly learns through the Soramiyo club how to become confident in who she really is and the importance of having great friends.
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Nov 04, 2018 08:54:19
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