Sore wa Nigai Chocolate Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • それは、にがい、チョコレット。
  • Sore wa Nigai Chocolate
  • Sore wa
  • Nigai
  • Chocolate
  • That is a Bitter Chocolate.
  • That's a Bitter Chocolate.
Kurumatani haruko
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"It doesn't matter whoever it is. As long as I can be hugged by a guy, it doesn't matter to me. Because staying all by myself hurts me more than anything. Yet, when he appeared... my world changed." That's what Yuki tells herself over and over. Because of her loneliness, Yuki used men to make her sadness disappear. That is, until she meets her chemistry teacher, Chiyo Kousuke. Will he be just another guy, or will he finally be able to heal Yuki's loneliness.
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Nov 03, 2018 15:23:49
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