Takkoku!!! Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • タッコク!!!
  • 乒乓告白
Fukuchi tsubasa
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Tamano Kako and Marunouchi Gaku were the best of friends, but Gaku had to leave with his father to travel the world. However, Gaku promised that if Kako waited, he would come back in 10 years and they would go out. However, right after Gaku left the law of Takkoku was created: If you confess your love to someone, you must beat them at a game of ping pong; if you touch each other before the game, that person will be punished. If you win, regardless of the other person's feelings, you automatically go out. However, Kako is called the best ping pong player in Japan and Gaku has never played ping pong before AND he wants to be the one that confesses. How will these two people's love flourish under these conditions? Will Gaku ever be able beat Kako at ping pong? Lots of laughs and bizarre situations in this new manga from Tsubasa Fukuchi, the manga creator best known for The Law of Ueki, and its sequel Law of Ueki Plus
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Nov 03, 2018 13:28:19
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