Tonari no Jijou Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • となりの事情
  • 愛上芳鄰
  • Can Not Understand the Words
  • To Do With Circumstances
Suzukura hal
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1-3) About The Neighbor + Extra That day, Miyata, who is still preparing for his university exam, got home and found not his brother, but an unknown man. That man, Shirai, has just moved into the neighbourhood. He looks at Miyata's messy test sheets and offers, "Shall I teach you?" With his airy smile and nearly perfect self, Shirai forcefully becomes Miyata's private tutor... and Miyata slowly becomes interested in Shirai... From Shinmakoku Scanlations 4) Unknown Words Imaoka is a frivolous playboy, who might not be as frivolous as they say. Miki is a quiet boy who catches Imaoka's eyes and heart. 5) Unknown Name Follow up about Imaoka and Miki 6) The Freezing Palm Ishida has a dark secret about something he did in high school.. but 2 years later, he runs into his old teacher Mizushima-sensei - the person he wronged. Instead of being angry, Mizushima invites Ishida into his home... ? 7) Blindfolding Your Eyes Gently What should I call you from now on? Continuation of Ishida and Mizushima, whom he now calls Motoi-san. 8) Sweet Fingertips The Freezing Palm extra.
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Vol 1 : Zutto Kitto Vol 2 : Zutto Kimi to Vol 3 : Zutto Tonari de 1 Vol 4 : Zutto Tonari de 2