Tsumibito no Kiss Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 罪人のキス
  • Delicious Family Affair
  • Oiishi
  • Tasty
  • Tsumibito no Kisu
Mizukami Shin
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1) The Welcoming Fire- when fuyuki goes to his grandma's house for the o-bon festival, he gets sick and has an illusion about a soilder named seita, who completely confuses him for someone named fuyuhiko- and confesses his love for him!!! who's fuyuhiko??? and why does seita make fuyuki feel so strange?!?! 2) The Sea Roar - The beautiful young son of a nobleman falls in love with his tutor who smells of his hometown near the ocean. To enchant the tutor he sings a love song and dances. When the nobleman hears the tutor is dismiss. The young lover runs to catch up with his tutors or risks losing him forever. 3) The Delicious Family Affair (WARNING: CONTAINS INCEST) 4) The Dragon Knight & The Prince 5) Sinner's Kiss Jan was thrown into jail as an offering to the “Blond Demon” Ruehl!! In the world of wardens and inmates, knight and prince, father and brothers, will the boy Jan find a home for his soul? Don’t miss this lustful, passionate love story between men. 6) Angel's Kiss
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Nov 04, 2018 10:29:46
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