Tsuyameku Hishatai Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 艶めく被写体
  • A 17-Year Romance
  • Anywhere With You
  • The Serious Player
Takakura Tomoko
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Alluring Subject: While working as a photographer’s assistant in a studio, Shou was approached by Amamiya, the Chairman of an influential production company, to become a model. Annoyed by Amemiya Tsukasa’s arrogance but unable to turn his back on a challenge, Shou decided to accept Amemiya’s offer. Unexpectedly, Shou was ordered to stay in Amamiya’s apartment – to be trained personally by Amemiya to become a top model. But what does the training entails---? Romance of an elite company president and a Cinderella boy. With The Master Till Dawn: Rin, Amamiya's bratty cousin, is in love with him. What Rin doesn't know is that someone in his house hold is in love with HIM. A 17 Year Romance: High school friends discover new feelings for each other after 17 years of friendship. Anywhere With You: Secluded rich boy with health problems is in love with the delivery boy who sometimes comes around. The Serious Player: A bisexual playboy always teases his gay virgin ice queen of a coworker.
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