Watashi no Oniichan Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 週刊わたしのおにいちゃん
  • Dearest My Brother
  • Shūkan Watashi no Onii-chan
  • Shuukan Watashi no Onii-chan
  • Weekly Dearest My Brother
Anthology, Barasui, Kashmir
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A series of "bishōjo"-centered manga booklets that were released weekly for a short time in Japan. The manga would come packaged with a limited edition plastic-figure assembly kit, designed by Ohshima Yuki, of the featured character of the week: Volume 1 - New! - Figure for volume 1 - Mion Volume 2 - Two! - Figure for volume 2 - Ashita Volume 3 - Hot! - Figure for volume 3 - Harusame Volume 4 - Why!? - Figure for volume 4 - Sonome Volume 5 - Bye! - Figure for volume 5 - Eruron Bonus volume - eXtra! - Figure for bonus volume - Tetora There is a conspicuous absence of the brothers (oniichan) of the title, as only the little girls are 'portrayed.
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Nov 04, 2018 10:16:00
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