Yokokuhan Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 予告犯
  • 预告犯
  • Prophecy (French Edition)
Tsutsui tetsuya
Pub. Status:
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  • 9
The anti-cybercrime section of Tokyo is on the edge. A man wearing a newspaper mask posts videos online predicting the worst crimes: rapes, assaults, fires... The twist? The day after, his prophecies have been completed on the front of the TV news. Who is he? How does he proceed? What are his motivations, his ambitions? It's the start of a race against time which leads the inspectors to an empty seat in a cybercafe in the outskirts of Tokyo... But while the investigation is blocked, the popular support grows around this mysterious figure. Dropouts, employees tyrannized by their hierarchy, web users accustomed to chat and forums discussions: more and more are finding themselves included in his fight!
Last updated:
Nov 03, 2018 12:23:29
Chapters 9
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