Yukisaki Koisaki Japanese Manga

Alt name(s):
  • 相恋细雪中
  • 雪咲・恋咲
  • Leuchtend wie Yukis Liebe
  • Yuki Saki Koi Saki
  • Yukie Koi Saki
  • Yume Koi (Kayoru)
  • Yume Saki Koisaki
  • Yumesaki Koisaki
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From Midnight Scans: My place has always been next to you. Yukihime really likes her childhood friend, Dai-chan. But she's treated as a kid by the "older" and "guardian" Dai-chan. The sad Yukihime finally gets into a big fight with Dai-chan. He tells her coldly that he won't interfere anymore. Yukihime decides to apologize and express her feelings, but...?! Includes three other short stories: • Yume Koi Chiho comes off as a cold person, but actually she is just shy. She likes Tomohiro from her class but is too timid to talk with him properly. So when Tomohiro confesses to her under hypnosis, Chiho is secretly overjoyed but tells him to snap outta it and runs away. But the following day, he keeps talking to her?!- Shoujo Crusade • Kiken na Kyouikujisshuu Toudou Natsu believes that love is fated and hopes to find it in the new trainee treacher, but to her dissapointment he turned out to be a plain guy, but wait...what is this? behind those thick glasses is someone totally different. Is it someone whom Toudou wanted to have fated meeting with...? • Himitsu no!? Fuuki Iinchou Mai is in love with the Discipline Comittee Chairman, Yuujirou. She always breaks the rules so that he noticed her till one day she coincidentally knows his secret in pretending in school. Thus, as return in keeping the secret he has to go out with her but what this act turn to...?
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